Time Warner Telecom - Top 10 Service Providers on the Cutting Edge

Time Warner Telecom

Why it's so cutting-edge: Time Warner Telecom has an innovative streak running through its heritage, having evolved from one of the first cable telephony ventures in the early 1990s. While many other carriers were mindlessly expanding the networks and going deep in debt later that decade and earlier this decade, Time Warner Telecom stuck to a “smart-build” strategy, only extending its network into areas where it had sold to customers in advance.

Now, its aggressive deployment of carrier Ethernet has made it a market leader (with the third-most ports deployed after AT&T and Verizon, according to a Vertical Systems Group study). The company is also very near to turning a profit, financial reports have suggested.

But can it keep that edge?
The company’s name has proven to be a boon and a bane. The cable TV association helped identify it early on as an upstart with ties to something bigger, but Time Warner Telecom is no longer affiliated with the entertainment and cable TV giant. Its branding agreement with Time Warner expires next year. The telco had been planning to roll out a new name this year, but curiously postponed that move. The company also has been mentioned as a possible acquisition target for everyone from Comcast to Qwest.
Time Warner Telecom - Top 10 Service Providers on the Cutting Edge