Top 10 Service Providers on the Cutting Edge


A pledge to offer the telecom industry valuable information and insight can't be taken seriously without making a serious statement, and of course, the best way to do that is to start an argument. Our claim to be fierce wouldn't be worth much if we weren't willing to say who in the telecom industry we believe to be fierce--who best blends technology innovation, aggressive strategic thinking and organizational ambition into a potent, cutting-edge telecom cocktail.

So, herein, we present FierceTelecom's Top 10 Service Providers on the Cutting Edge. No specific qualifications were needed to make this list, only an intriguing balance of accomplishments, attitude and ambition to give us reason to believe each of these companies will be hard to beat in the future. All of these service providers are wireline-oriented, but offer multiple types of services.

Lastly, you can't make a list of 10 cutting-edge service providers without considering that more than 10 deserve that distinction--and without acknowledging that you'll hear from at least 10 more who are outraged they didn't make the cut. So, consider this one observer's opinion at a given point in time. Let us know who's on your list, too.

Here they are in no particular order (well, actually alphabetical order, but don't read too much into that), along with five more honorable mentions:

1. AT&T
2. BT
3. Chibardun Telephone Cooperative
4. Embarq
5. FastWeb
6. Korea Telecom
7. Pioneer Telephone
8. Surewest
9. Time Warner Telecom
10. Verizon
And... Honorable Mentions