Twin Valley acquires ISG

Top M&As 2011Deal size: Undisclosed

Why it's relevant? If one were looking for a clear indicator that small independent telcos are looking to managed services to add a little competitive fuel to their fire, Twin Valley Telephone's purchase of ISG is a perfect example. The November deal gives the telco a suite of data center, cloud and managed services tailored to business customers.

ISG brought 2,500 business customers in the Midwest to the deal, adding to Twin Valley's 6,000 Miltonvale, Kan. area customers.

The biggest part of the deal? Twin Valley is, for now, able to wield a key differentiator in that it is, according to CEO Ben Foster, the only independent telecom in the Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma market areas to offer IT services and data transport in addition to its traditional voice services.

Twin Valley acquires ISG