Verizon Business - Fran Shammo President - Top 10 BSPs

Fran Shammo, President Verizon Business 

Fran Shammo may have only taken over as President of Verizon Business in May, but the 20-plus year telecom veteran says that his appointment to new post is really just a continuation of the mission former Verizon Business President John Killian, now CFO, has been executing since purchasing the former MCI in 2005.

"Working for John for four years, we both developed a strategy, and I am carrying on with what we developed from the time that we merged with MCI," Shammo said.

And while Shammo is satisfied with the company's overall performance, one thing he does want to change is the perception among potential multinational corporation customers that Verizon Business is more than just a network company. Verizon has launched an aggressive marketing and branding campaign to appeal to MNCs, and it's touting its capabilities as a solutions/vertical expertise company.

That's not to say that the network is not important to Verizon Business. Over the past three years the service provider has been spending $1 billion per year in our global network with an emphasis on countries such as India.
 What's more, the service provider has been expanding its investment in next-gen optical in mesh and ROADM technology to ensure network diversity and uptime on its submarine cabling routes.

Of course, Verizon Business is not immune to the effects of the current economy. Verizon Business' total global enterprise revenue, which includes strategic services and legacy services, was $3.7 billion and Global Wholesale revenue was $2.4 billion ($6.1 billion total retail and wholesale). And while he's seeing some delays to get contracts signed, Shammo believes he can play the economic downturn to Verizon Business' advantage by showing enterprises how he can save them money by taking over their day to day operations.

Verizon Business - Fran Shammo President - Top 10 BSPs