Verizon's FiOS dream - Fiber to the X

Verizon's CEO Ivan Seidenberg made it clear just a few weeks ago that he's not going to not worry anymore about landline telephone loss. Instead, he said, "video is going to be the core product in the fixed-line business." What's more, the bundle strategy will now be one that incorporates wireless voice with wireline data and video.

A key element in Verizon's video desire is its FiOS Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) initiative. As of the second quarter of 2009, Verizon had over 2.5 million subscribers for TV and 3.1 million FiOS Internet subscribers. Sticking to its standard roots, Verizon has been rolling out a GPON-based network that is initially carrying a RF and IP-based hybrid video offering.

One area of emphasis for Verizon's fiber drive is extending FTTP service into Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs). Right now, the MDU emphasis has been in its New York City market--a market that's been predominantly dominated by cable giant Cablevision. Of course, targeting MDUs with FTTP is not for the faint of heart. Looking at New York City as perhaps a blueprint to conduct FTTP MDU build outs, the ILEC's job has gotten easier with the advent of indoor Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) and bendable fiber.

Chris Lavendos, Lead engineer for Verizon's FiOS New York City region, while admitting the New York MDU market is quite complex, these advances help Verizon not only keep its deployment schedule on track, but also keep MDU tenants happy.

"One exciting evolution as far as how we are managing the architecture to wire these buildings and also manage the overall aesthetic for building owners and tenants is the development of the indoor ONT," he said. "It brings us placement flexibility, spatial demand in any apartment building and any unit within an urban environment is of great value to product deployment. And when you can manage the form factor to not only be smaller but to be a form factor with an aesthetic form and appeal, it allows flexibility of placement because when somebody does not mind what something looks like it can sit in the free space of an apartment such as a desktop or a TV stand."

But Verizon's FTTP desires aren't stopping at New York City. Other notable deployments for FiOS include the breaking ground in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Central New York. Verizon may have a long way to go until it can wire every last home with fiber, but it's a model that other providers are looking hard to emulate.

Verizon's FiOS dream - Fiber to the X