Verizon strike: Full coverage

Verizon CWA strikers in PennsylvaniaThe Verizon (NYSE: VZ) wireline union workers' strike ended Saturday, Aug. 20, with employees returning to work on Monday evening--albeit without a contract. FierceTelecom takes a look at how things progressed to this point.

Union employees at Verizon's wireline division officially went on strike when their contract expired on Saturday, Aug. 6. Since June, Verizon has been negotiating with the two main labor unions representing its workers, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Healthcare contributions and pensions have been major bones of contention along with changes in work rules such as vacation and sick days.

The end of the strike also ends some uncertainty for union members, who will work under the terms of the old contract until a new deal is reached.

Here's our coverage so far:

Dec. 7: Verizon fires 40 union workers for misconduct

Sept. 13: Strike left Verizon with backlog of 100,000 FiOS orders

Sept. 1: Verizon's union workers accuse company of delaying Hurricane Irene repairs

Aug. 31: Verizon resumes talks with unions over healthcare, other concessions

Aug. 24: Verizon issues apology for strike, while workers say walkout helped negotiation process

Aug. 21: Verizon's wireline union workers to return to work, but contract negotiations will continue

Aug. 19: No compromise in sight between Verizon, union workers

Aug. 19: Police arrest striking Verizon employees

Aug. 18: Verizon strikers prepare to protest at McAdam's house 

Aug. 17: Verizon plans to suspend strikers' health insurance 

Aug. 16: Verizon network sabotage claims hit 143 as strike continues 

Aug. 16: Judge: Striking Verizon workers can't spread nails, glass

Aug. 15: Strike-inspired Verizon network sabotage continues; CWA rally today

Aug. 12: Strike threatens Verizon's community image

Aug. 12: Verizon CFO Shammo: Expanding wireline's profit remains a challenge

Aug. 9: Verizon's network faces vandalism on heels of union strike 

Aug. 8: Verizon's wireline union workers officially go on strike

    Verizon strike: Full coverage