Verizon - Top 10 Service Providers on the Cutting Edge


Why it's so cutting-edge:
Verizon suddenly looks like the former Bell company where nothing ever changes. AT&T and Qwest both have new CEOs, but Ivan Seidenberg still leads the charge at Verizon. Also, rather than go with shiny, new IPTV technology, Verizon bet on a cable TV-like approach. Boring, but it's worked like a charm, and among the three largest U.S. telcos, Verizon is well ahead in customers and markets entered.

Elsewhere, Verizon Business, the former MCI, has been turned into a managed services machine for the enterprise market. Verizon Wireless, continues to do its part, contributing ever greater revenue to the parent company's bottom line.

But can it keep that edge? The challenge for Verizon may lie in convergence. Verizon Wireless still is 45% owned by Vodafone, and while the wireless unit has crafted its own IMS strategy, it's unclear how the wireline part of the firm fits in, or what it will do with IMS, if anything. The fact that IMS hasn't taken over the industry as fast as everyone expected is making Verizon looks smart for not jumping the gun, but how long will that last?
Verizon - Top 10 Service Providers on the Cutting Edge