What about OTT video?

CenturyLinkOutside of IPTV, the other video service that CenturyLink is investigating is over the top (OTT) video.

Not wanting to be confused with TV Everywhere, CenturyLink and even the former EMBARQ continues to hone its OTT video, Huber says it's still an evolving product.

Currently, CenturyLink offers its OTT video service through its portal TV, but Huber said that the idea of "making its IPTV content available everywhere is something we're still working through that because a lot of that gets into the content guys and what rights do they have."

The third leg of CenturyLink's evolving OTT video strategy is how to integrate with Facebook and other social networking applications.

Of course, the lynchpin in all of these pieces is dealing with content owners and getting the content for the right price.

"Getting the agreements established with content owners is one thing, but getting agreements established at a rate structure is another," Huber said. "But the big advantage we have is scale and we have done a good job managing our content and our content cost structure. As we look at our merger with Qwest, there' going to be a whole lot of opportunities in front of us."

What about OTT video?