Wireline industry scare fest: What keeps telco executives up at night?

Scary telecom talesAs Halloween approaches, FierceTelecom decided to ponder: What makes wireline executives turn their heads in a 360° fashion?

Putting aside my fascination with how the story and graphic images of 1973's The Exorcist still resonates in various ways after seeing the movie for the first time over 25 years ago on an early cable company network, FierceTelecom decided to put our own handle on just what bad dreams wireline executives could have this Halloween if their own horror movies play out.

Of course, there are obvious issues such as copper theft. This ongoing reality, which plagues both telcos and utility companies alike, not only has dire consequences for the criminals, but also for end-users who suffer service outages.   

But the effects of other scenarios are yet to be determined.

Take FairPoint's (Other OTC: FRCMQ.PK) new CEO Paul Sunu, who will have to work double time to regain the consumer and business users' trust in New England, while Frontier Communications (NYSE: FTR) CEO and Chairman Maggie Wilderotter will have to fend off Verizon Wireless from encroaching on its broadband market in West Virginia.

While some of these nightmare scenarios are current realities that telcos are facing here and now, they are a view into what major wireline industry executives are doing to stay competitive.

Read on to find out what's turning these executives' heads round. Of course, feel free to comment on what you see and give us your suggestions on what you think are your own wireline nightmares.


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