XO Communications - Michael Toplisek, CMO - Top 10 BSPs

Despite the ongoing global recession, Michael Toplisek, CMO at XO Communications, believes there's still plenty of opportunities to serve the business market as an alternative provider.  
As an alternative business services provider, XO is not only attracting businesses that want a better price but also others that are looking at ways to put more services over an IP connection.  

"Overall, our sales activities and our revenue is up in a substantial way," Toplisek said. "And the reason is exactly I think that the economy was in a downturn and people are more seriously looking at ways to reduce opex on their own business." 

What is also resonating with its customer base is providing flexible access connections via Ethernet, or more specifically, Ethernet over Copper (EoC).  

By using Ethernet over Copper, XO has been able to instantly expand its Ethernet footprint and offer greater flexibility of speeds and service availability. "EoC has expanded our Ethernet footprint to serve about one million buildings across the country," Toplisek said. "We don't look at access as a product but access is an enabler to the product."  

In addition to EoC, fiber-based Ethernet and MPLS-based products, XO continues to expand its VoIP and IP services. Recently, XO conducted some upgrades on its network to expand the VoIP coverage into 80 percent of the business population. Going forward, XO plans to launch an enterprise SIP product in November with additional features and functions for the high end of the business market.  

And while XO is gaining recognition in the large enterprise services market with its IP and Ethernet service offerings, the CLEC is increasingly turning more attention to better serve mid-sized companies and understand their needs.   

"While we have a national and strategic accounts division that works on the Fortune 1000, really the bulk of our investments are on the mid-market and differentiating ourselves with a customer experience," Toplisek said. "By coming at them with a local fully engaged account team approach and best in class customer experience it's resonating in the field."  

XO Communications - Michael Toplisek, CMO - Top 10 BSPs