Zayo Bandwidth gets its backhaul groove on - Wireless backhaul

Zayo Bandwidth may not be a household name, but the competitive wholesaler, which belongs to the mini-conglomerate Zayo Group, continues to find opportunities to tap into the backhaul market.  
Seeing an opportunity to support current 2G and 3G as well as upcoming 4G networks, Zayo Bandwidth recently announced that it will deploy TDM and Ethernet services to an additional 300 wireless tower sites in its Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley segments of Pennsylvania. This latest deployment will expand Zayo Bandwidth's wireless tower footprint to more than 1,100 U.S. locations.  
Zayo's fiber to the tower expansion, which will accommodate the insatiable demand for data--and bandwidth--rich wireless applications, reflects the growing opportunity that traditional incumbent wholesalers (Qwest and Verizon Partners), wireline wholesalers and a new generation of wholesalers (Zayo, FiberTower, TTM and Level 3) see in wireless backhaul.  

One of the other things that might set Zayo apart from the pack is the fact that unlike many of the incumbent carrier community that have taken a conservative capex spending approach for the next year, Zayo is actually spending money. Recently, the service provider bucked the conservative capital spending trends of the larger service provider industry saying it would make a $65 million capex commitment to expand its network in 2010.

Zayo Bandwidth gets its backhaul groove on - Wireless backhaul