5G matters to the Enterprise and its Customers

It’s hard to get through a day without hearing talk about the rise of 5G telecommunication networks and the impact they will have on life as we know it. Everybody understands that 5G will bring significant changes, although many people might not grasp what those changes will be.

“Why do I need 5G?” Although not part of every person’s vernacular, this question on the need for 5G networks can be asked by quite a number of people, professions and industries. Consumers of today’s cellular offerings often don’t consider what it takes to use the features they seemingly take for granted — snapping photos and sending them to friends, watching and listening to live-streaming entertainment events, or even being frustrated with poor service or access to a favorite app or content. You could say that all of these cellular-enabled features are all part of a consumer service — one that is both ubiquitous and seamless.

Now, take all of the people accessing the consumer service and multiply that number by 1,000 times to include new applications, devices, automated functions and a variety of network-connected capabilities, from medicine to entertainment, over the next five years. In other words, we’re talking about a flood of new 5G-enabled services and consumption of those services.

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