Choosing the Right Network Service Provider for Your Global Enterprise

Cloud-based applications and services increase organizational efficiency, reduce Capex, are ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands, and can eliminate the high cost of hardware. Additionally, the cloud can increase workforce collaboration between globally dispersed offices and employees and can even reduce an organization’s carbon footprint. When a company’s cloud needs fluctuate, server capacity can be scaled up or down to match demand, thereby conserving energy.

Not all clouds have a silver lining, however. That’s because partnering with leading cloud service providers is not enough to ensure a successful cloud strategy. The choice of a global network service provider is essential to meeting requirements for secure, reliable, high-performance connectivity to all business locations and cloud service providers.

In an executive brief titled “Choosing the Right Network Service Provider for Your Global Enterprise,” Frost & Sullivan, a research and consulting firm, examines what factors to consider when choosing network services to support a multinational, cloud-reliant business. Fifty-eight percent of IT decision-makers surveyed by Frost & Sullivan point to a lack of reliable network connectivity to cloud data centers as a constraint to cloud adoption.

Global enterprises cite several key benefits as drivers for adopting cloud-based services. According to Frost & Sullivan, these advantages include cost reduction (cited by 41 percent of respondents) and an ability to predictably manage IT resources (cited by 42 percent). Strategic drivers also rated high, with 45 percent of companies saying that the cloud enables their business to respond more quickly to competitive moves and 44 percent believing the cloud helps align IT responsiveness with business agility needs.

In moving applications and services to the cloud, most businesses find that they are more easily able to scale services to meet business needs, without paying for more services, infrastructure or bandwidth than is necessary. With cloud computing, costs are aligned with usage.

GTT is a leading global cloud networking provider that can tailor its extensive portfolio of offerings to suit an enterprise’s needs, including cloud networking services such as wide area networking, internet, managed services and voice services. To support a worldwide business operation, the company offers a number of service benefits, including:

  1. Global Reach:  GTT offers extensive reach with more than 250 points of presence (PoPs) in the top metropolitan markets of the world and does business in more than 100 countries.
  2. Ease of Doing Business:  GTT has honed its ability to support clients in a simple and flexible way that enhances customers’ experiences, including quoting based on business requirements, efficient contract negotiation, flexible billing and rapid service delivery, as well as high-touch technical and on-going customer support.
  3. Network Services:  As a global Tier 1, top five IP network operator, GTT offers clients a strong core global internet as well as Layer 2 and Layer 3 wide area network connectivity to its 250 PoPs around the world.
  4. Managed Services Capabilities:  The GTT managed services portfolio includes a comprehensive set of managed infrastructure, network and security options to assist clients with end-to-end services delivered by technical experts that supplement a business’s in-house IT staff.
  5. Multilayered Managed Security:  GTT manages a customer’s cloud and premises-based services, providing security measures and monitoring from the network to the core. The company can proactively identify and mitigate network threats to protect a customer’s data as well as ensure PCI compliance for online merchant businesses. The company is also PCI/CISP compliant.

In a digital economy, enterprises rely on global network services to run their cloud-enabled businesses. The network used to reach these cloud-based services is critical to successful cloud implementations.

To download Frost & Sullivan’s Executive Brief and learn more about how GTT’s global network services can support your multinational enterprise’s cloud-based business operations, click here. For more information on GTT, please visit gtt.net.

GTT provides multinationals with a better way to reach the cloud through its suite of cloud networking services, including wide area networking, internet, managed services and voice services. The company’s Tier 1 IP network, ranked in the top five worldwide, connects clients to any location in the world and any application in the cloud. GTT delivers an outstanding client experience by living its core values of simplicity, speed and agility.

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