Dell Technologies Making Open RAN Happen

True innovation is never an individual achievement. Imagine, for example, if no one had followed Henry Ford into the automotive industry.

No, innovation is an evolution fueled by competitive forces and multiple perspectives. 5G will be no exception. 5G service providers can’t wait for one or two companies to solve the challenges of tomorrow, whether it’s building out 5G radio access networks (RAN) or creating the next generation of mobile services such as virtual reality gaming or autonomous vehicles. In recognition of this, the telecommunications industry is “opening up” the traditionally closed RAN world. Virtualization, clouds, and containers have brought a new world of innovation to the mobile core network. Now that innovation is extending to the network edge, multi-access edge computing (MEC), and Open RAN.

Open RAN is a highly flexible, highly scalable architecture that allows mobile operators to deploy RAN and edge infrastructure using virtualized and decentralized components. Open RAN solutions completely change the economics and the time to innovation for 5G network services. Open RAN solutions enable mobile operators to choose which vendors to deploy in their network while providing more options to scale-out RAN resources where they are needed and in precisely the right amounts.

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