Edge: Telecom’s New Battleground

The network edge is poised to transform the way communication service providers (CSPs) generate revenue—and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. As income from connectivity services continues to decline and investment in 5G soars, edge computing represents a new—and hotly contended—growth opportunity for network operators.

The telecom edge with Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) connects distributed cloud technologies, digital platforms, and new business models to form a multi-tenant, distributed edge cloud ecosystem. MEC enables low-latency and high-bandwidth use cases that aren’t possible with centralized cloud architectures. These use cases encompass everything from autonomous transportation, AR/VR, gaming, as well as real-time sensory and image processing.

Such growth potential is being propelled forward by the rapid expansion of IoT, the unparalleled promise of 5G, and more. Edge computing is not only complementary to these technologies, in many cases it’s essential to realizing their true value. Click here to read the full blog post.

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