Exploring 5G Opportunities in Diverse Industries

In the first post in this two-part series, I noted that 5G networks are emerging as a key to richuser experiences, high-quality enterprise services and new business opportunities. Today, I will take things a step further and look at some of the specific ways that 5G is making a difference in industrial, healthcare and retail applications.

I selected these three industries because expected benefits are already assessed and on their way to 5G-trials that are expected to measurably enable new business processes and services. However, in reality we could look at virtually any industry, because 5G is poised to unleash new opportunities for all private and public enterprises. For organizations everywhere, 5G is both evolutionary and revolutionary.

As the following examples will show, the impact of 5G is magnified when you pair this high-bandwidth, low-latency network technology with other emerging technologies, including Edge computing, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

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