Truck Rolls Reduced from 4-to-1 on Fiber Drop Repairs

FTTH providers have long been challenged to find a connectorized fiber drop product that fulfills all their deployment wishes: a drop that is easily placed in a single pass, provides protection for the fiber, restores simply and quickly, and where excess slack is cleanly managed.  Finding a solution that incorporates all of these features has been impossible…until now.

FieldShield D-ROP fiber drop assemblies combine all of the best features of different fiber drops into a single product (see video).

While traditional drop solutions were considered a cost-effective solution because of their low cost (CAPEX), they rarely addressed the issue of repair and replacement (OPEX). A single drop cut can take as many as 4 truck rolls to restore service.

  • Truck roll one:  Determine if there is a break and where (1 hour)
  • Truck roll two:  Locate buried utilities (1 hour)
  • Truck roll three:  Replace the drop by plowing, boring or open trenching (2-4 hours)
  • Truck roll four:  Splice the drop (1 hour)

This equals a very large OPEX price tag. (5-7 hours) X $100/hr (average loaded tech rate)

Alternatively, using a FieldShield D-ROP drop cable allows for replacement to be done with as little as 1 single truck roll.

  • Single truck roll:  Locate the break, repair the break in the microduct with a water-tight coupler using regular hand tools, push or pull a replacement pre-terminated drop and plug the customer in. (2 hours)

As network providers strive to reduce placement costs, they have often had to sacrifice features such as pre-connectorized drops or the ability to easily manage excess slack in order to get the other benefits of CIC (cable-in-conduit). The D-ROP product allows the provider to glean the cost savings of pre-connectorized drops while also realizing the benefit of a one pass CIC solution that can easily be tailored to any length, with the added benefit of easy slack storage for both outdoor and indoor environments.

Both the outdoor 10/6 direct bury (10mm OD/6mm ID) and the indoor riser-rated 8.5/6 (8.5mm OD/6mm ID) D-ROP solutions allow the technician to tailor the length of the microduct using a standard tool to simply ring cut to the desired length and slide the excess duct over the pre-connectorized assembly. Unlike traditional flat drop, the small diameter (2mm or 3mm) pre-installed fiber is both durable and easy to handle, which allows for easy slack storage at the customer premise or at the point of connection. This single pass, pre-connectorized drop system saves both time and money by eliminating the need for a highly trained technician and splicing of the fiber.

Clearfield’s D-ROP fiber drop assemblies offer:

  1. A single pass to place both conduit and fiber
  2. A ruggedized pathway that can be easily trimmed to length
  3. A pathway that can be easily restored when damaged
  4. A fiber that is easily stored
  5. A pre-connectorized fiber that requires no splicing

Visit SeeClearfield.com for more information, and for more on how D-ROP’s restorability saves Opex and improves customer satisfaction over the traditional solutions, download the whitepaper.

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