Five Reasons You Need a Data Streaming Platform

5G networks and devices are just starting to trickle into the market, but make no mistake: in a few years, there will be a flood of 5G devices and ubiquitous coverage that will bring with them a never-ending stream of data. That’s not meant to scare you, but to prepare you for a very different world where telcos will need to manage and analyze massive volumes of streaming data in real time. The data analytics and storage path that you take in the next 12 months could very well determine whether you sink or swim when the 5G wave finally arrives.

Dell Technologies’ Streaming Data Platform provides a smart path to analyzing and storing large volumes of real-time and historical data. It represents a new paradigm for managing data, from the traditional store-and-process model to a more efficient process-and-store model that supports real-time analytics. The ability to process and analyze streaming data dramatically improves time to insight—a critical component given that the value of most data quickly diminishes with time—and allows telcos to leverage those insights even before the data is stored.

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