Time is money … Business customers can’t wait for multi-fiber services

What if service providers could use the fiber installation crew to also conduct the service turn-up? 

All customers, but particularly business customers have tight time constraints for service turn up. To meet this demand, service providers must provide reliable fiber connections as quickly and with as little disruption to the business as possible.  High-quality multi-fiber assemblies that are simple and fast to install are key to providing these services on time. And when no splicing is required, installers can be utilized as the turn-up crew in most cases— drastically reducing installation costs.

When more than one fiber is needed for a network connection, Clearfield offers the pre-connectorized FieldShield® Pushable Multi-fiber Push On (MPO) cable assembly. These multi-fiber cable assemblies, available in both 12- or 24- fiber counts, packaged in an 8.3 mm footprint and with a .35dB insertion loss, give network designers the flexibility to distribute fiber to multiple network elements. Clearfield’s FieldShield Pushable MPO cable assemblies are craft friendly, while maintaining the highest quality. 

Imagine only needing a building entry hole just slightly bigger than 3/8” as opposed to a 1 ½” conduit to take 12- or 24- fibers into the customer premise. Because of the small footprint of the FieldShield MPO assemblies, designers and installation crews are often able to use existing conduit pathways to add network elements 12 or 24 fibers at a time.  This feature reduces both the turn-up time and construction costs for each job. View video.

Costs are further reduced when FieldShield assemblies are coupled with Clearview® Cassettes at points of aggregation.  The Clearview Cassette is a scalable network building block element for use in almost all areas of the network.  In most business deployments, a single cassette distributes fibers to multiple network components or as a demarcation point for multiple business tenants.  These same cassettes serve as test points or within patch panels to direct traffic to various tenants and equipment locations. This means one stock keeping unit (SKU) for the Clearview Cassette for multiple uses throughout the network.

To see if Clearfield FieldShield MPO assemblies and Clearview Cassettes are right for your next deployment, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I need an easier way to connect my customers?
  2. Do I need the ability to use existing pathways?
  3. Do I want to minimize or eliminate splicing in the field?
  4. Do I need high quality connections that are repeatable?
  5. Do I want to use my entry level technicians instead of highly trained splicers and equipment?

If the answer is yes to any of these, visit our website for information on business services fiber deployments and contact your Clearfield representative to experience faster turn up times, easier network deployments and high quality connections with fewer SKU’s.



This article was created in collaboration with the sponsoring company and our sales and marketing team. The editorial team does not contribute.