Watch Closely: There Is a Seismic Shift Realigning the Telecom & Cable Training Landscape

Now, more than ever, the telecommunications and cable industries are poised to train their employees in rapidly changing job skills.  Yet unlike years past, the industries are also committed to the added investment of having their workforce earn an accredited degree in the process. 
Thanks to technology, instruction is no longer confined to the traditional classroom environment.  To accommodate the learning needs of incumbent workers, particularly those in remote areas, delivery methods now include real-time distance learning, self-paced learning, and blended solutions to complement conventional instructor-led classroom education. 
This dramatic shift in the training landscape prompted the parent companies of APT College and The Sage Group, LLC, the nation’s two leading telecom training providers, to form EdTech Institute, LLC and its subsidiary, APT College, LLC.
“We recognize that as the role of technology advances,” reports Anthony Moreno, Chief Executive Officer of APT College, “so too must the investment in workforce training.  This merger solidifies our commitment to our clients in providing them with an industry-leading degree program with multiple modes of delivery.”   
Advances in web learning have enabled EdTech Institute to offer multiple education solutions to small and large companies alike – both accredited and non-credit - by presenting comprehensive instruction in the cutting-edge technologies of wireless, cloud, and communications.  Rural workers that would have little chance to attend a traditional classroom course, may now not only complete a degree program in their field, but develop the skills to remain competitive.
“Not everyone has the luxury of stepping out of the workday directly into a classroom,” says Mr. Moreno.  “Consequently, it’s our mission to provide online education to industry personnel while extending to students our commitment to service excellence in support of their educational and professional goals.”
As technology changes, many organizations find that the most practical method to fill needed positions is through retraining, and EdTech is proving to be an effective partner in making that happen. In the field of telecommunications, for example, the need for fiber optic technicians has surpassed the service demand, so much so that service providers are wisely training incumbent workers to upgrade to the required skill level to get the job done.  The increasing demand creates a proactive strategy to invest in employees with proven drive and the desire to excel.  In addition, when coupling newly developed skills with an industry certification, an employee’s personal value rises significantly.
For workers that are unable to commit to a full degree program, accredited professional certificate programs can provide the needed focus to achieve skills competency.  An accredited certificate, supplemented by an earned industry certification through CompTIA, ETA International or Fiber Optics Association (FOA) - all available through EdTech Institute - increases the value of employees and prepares them to maintain skills currency to subsequently address fluid technological advancements in their field.
Although currently focused on the telecomm and cable industries, EdTech Institute is branching out to other segments similarly requiring academic instruction and skills training.  “With such a growing emphasis on education and training for both incumbent and new workers,” says Mr. Moreno, “quality of instruction, method of delivery and timeliness are critical for raising skills to a plateau where employees can achieve and maintain success.  We work with our clients to tap into their inherent need and provide the solution they require to heighten the bar for their workers and, subsequently, whether it be a degree or an industry certification, help them surpass it.”

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EdTech Institute is headquartered in Farmingdale, NY.  APT College, located in Carlsbad, CA is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC, www.deac.org) as a degree granting institution and is a recognized member institution of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA, www.chea.org).  The Sage Group, with headquarters in Brentwood, TN has provided educational and corporate mentoring services to Fortune 50 companies since 1988.

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