Zyxel CPE helps service providers make the most of XGS-PON/10G PON

Service providers have more reasons than ever to prioritize speed and bandwidth for their customers. On the residential side, streaming is becoming the default method of video consumption, as major content providers like Disney and AT&T’s Time Warner move assets onto streaming services. On the enterprise level, the drive to move applications to the cloud has been accelerated by COVID-19, creating a demand for bandwidth that is not expected to subside. Meanwhile, both consumers and business customers are connecting a growing number of IoT devices to the internet, creating new needs for high speed, low latency connections.

10-gigabit broadband gives service providers an opportunity to offer higher-priced premium service tiers to subscribers who use applications such as UHD 8K video streaming, AR/VR, IoT, and smart home devices. Investments in network upgrades will pay big dividends as operators monetize their networks through high-ARPU services.

For operators making the move to 10-gigabit broadband, XGS-PON is usually the technology of choice because it provides a straightforward and cost-effective migration path from existing network technologies. A recent survey conducted by Broadband trends LLC found that the majority of operators evolving to 10-gigabit PON are expected to move from GPON to XGS PON.

Zyxel offers a comprehensive XGS-PON CPE product line for 10-gigabit broadband. Our solutions help mobile operators and service providers cost-effectively deliver high speed broadband services to residential and commercial customers. 

Zyxel’s History of Support for Service Providers

For more than three decades, Zyxel has been offering service providers choices to help them match customer demands with their own business and technology requirements. This tradition continues with Zyxel’s XGS-PON CPE

Providers that prefer a two-box solution turn to the Zyxel PM7516 Indoor Bridge ONT and the PM7010 XGS-PON SFP+ ONT.  Zyxel’s PM7516 Indoor Bridge ONT with 10G LAN features high bandwidth with symmetric 10/10G profile. Operators can use this solution to upgrade existing GPON networks to 10-gigabit broadband with minimal CAPEX investment. 

The PM7516’s 10-gigabit Ethernet port supports speeds of 10 Gbps if the connected device supports 10 Gbps and a Cat 6/6a Ethernet cable is used. This makes the solution ideal for deployments that are expected to add high speed multi-user connections over time, including smart home devices, industrial IoT, security services, and managed WiFi. 

The PM7516 is complemented by the PM7010-R0 XGS-PON SFP+ ONT, which has a much smaller form factor that can be plugged into the SPF+ cage in the Ethernet switch or residential gateway to provide a 10G/10G symmetric bi-directional fiber link for internet access. Adding the Zyxel PM7010-R0 into the network as a Layer-2 bridge accessory can increase the overall deployment flexibility because service providers can add any Layer-3 router device based on deployment needs. 

Service providers can decide which Zyxel solution is right for them with help from distributor Power & Tel. Power & Tel is known throughout the industry for helping customers find precisely the right solution at the right price. For many service providers evolving to XGS-PON, the right solution is Zyxel. 

Customer premise equipment is the portal that enables operators to offer high-value services based on 10-gigabit broadband. To the end user, the CPE is the network. So it makes sense to choose a solution that supports the services today’s users want from their broadband internet. Zyxel gives service providers speed and flexibility, in addition to integrated software for extensive remote management, and revenue-rich services like managed WiFi and home cyber-security with a minimal upfront investment.

To learn more about Zyxel’s 10G PON Solutions, contact us at [email protected]  or connect with Power and Tel for more information.

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