Cisco expands SASE to make it easier to connect users to applications

Cisco is trying to simplify the complex by expanding the architecture of its secure access service edge (SASE).  Specifically, the company said it’s making it possible for enterprises to purchase all core SASE components including remote access, cloud security, zero trust network access and observability through a single subscription service.

The reason for the bundling of all the SASE components in one package, according to Cisco, is that it makes it possible for an enterprise to get up-and-running more quickly. One of the main benefits of SASE is that it is supposed to make the integration of SD-WAN and cloud-based security capabilities such as firewalls and zero trust access easier for companies. But Cisco says its revamped SASE architecture is even easier than it was before. 

“Today’s announcement enables organizations to start using all of the core building blocks of a SASE architecture immediately,” said Gee Rittenhouse, SVP and GM of Cisco’s Security Business Group.

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But that’s not all Cisco is simplifying.The company also is enhancing its SecureX cloud-native platform to make it easier for companies to manage new and emerging threats. The company said that it has reduced the dwell time for SecOps and automated tasks related to detecting and remediating threats.

In addition, it has new automated workflows including SolarWinds supply chain attack, phishing investigations and threat investigations that use the latest intelligence from Cisco Talos, which is the company’s threat intelligence team.

According to the company, these enhancements will reduce time to detect threats by 95% and time to remediate threats by 85%.

Last June Cisco first added the SASE model to its SD-WAN 17.2 software release and blended the company’s Umbrella Cloud Security portfolio, which included its secure internet gateway, with its Viptela-based SD-WAN offering.