24/7 puts spice into metro DC's fiber diet

If you're a carrier in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. metro area looking for a new dark fiber source, your wish might be found in 24/7 Fiber Network. From the looks of its still to be developed website, 24/7 is an emerging dark fiber provider that's expanding its reach into underserved markets throughout the Delmarva Peninsula and metro Washington D.C. area.

In a project that's nothing short of ambitious, 24/7 is building a dark fiber network in the Delmarva Peninsula, an area on the East Coast that is occupied by parts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. 24/7 says it will bring a 100-mile dark fiber network into the region's main business districts located in Salisbury, MD and Wilmington, DE. From there, the network will travel another 100 miles into the Baltimore metro area with connectivity to 24/7's Baltimore Central Business District network and then onto its long-haul route into the Washington D.C. market.  

Christopher Morris, Vice President and COO of 24/7 Fiber Network believes the company can serve as a new source to satisfy bandwidth needs he says aren't currently being addressed by the usual suspects. "This new network will offer an alternative solution to traditional carriers, while providing a more diverse and shorter path capable of handling high bandwidth applications," he said in a release.

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- see the release here

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