802.11n still not present on Verizon FiOS home network routers

If you're a Verizon (NYSE: VZ) FiOS customer that's still waiting to get 802.11n capabilities, which were ratified as a standard last year, you're not alone.

A Broadband DSL Reports article reveals that while Verizon was testing an 802.11n router and would be available to consumers in August, it has since missed that target and hasn't given any further indication when it would be available. The current Actiontec and Westell (Nasdaq: WSTL) routers Verizon provides to FiOS users don't support 802.11n, meaning that users that want that capability will just have to be satisfied with attaching another 802.11n unit to their current router.

However, there was one possible ray of hope.

A Verizon technician said the telco continues to conduct tests on 802.11n. "The latest released version is Rev. F--we are still testing the Rev. G which includes 802.11n," explained the technician.

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