AboveNet wants to reach new markets in 2010

Buoyed by growth in the financial vertical segment, AboveNet, which currently operates in 15 U.S. metro markets and London, wants to expand its presence in new regions throughout 2010.

"Over the course of this coming year, I'm confident that you'll see us announce our expansion into additional markets, both in the United States and on a global basis," William LaPerch, CEO of AboveNet, said in a Reuters article.

LaPerch added that its financial market customers, a list that includes NYSE Euronext, are starting to prepare for growth this year, but "in a very conservative way." This is in contrast to discussions AboveNet had a year ago with customers who were mainly focusing on cutting costs.

As financial customers continue to look for more ways to wring every drop of latency out of their respective trading processes, AboveNet's 100 Mbps and above service set will continue to resonate with that group in particular. Beyond 2010, an estimated 80 percent of enterprises will require 100 Mbps and above, whereas today only 40 percent require that bandwidth.

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