ACA says small ISPs should not be subject new net neutrality laws; Yak Communications launches new HD voice product

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> Yak Communications launched of its call quality solution Yak Clear Voice, which provides Yak home phone users with voice calls using enhanced noise reduction technologies. Release

> Vodafone Netherlands has filed a lawsuit related to Dutch incumbent KPN's acquisition of open-access fiber broadband provider Reggefiber. Article

> The American Cable Association (ACA) told the FCC it should not impose new rules on small and medium-size ISPs because they lack the market power to selectively block or slow Web traffic as a way to charge websites for prioritized traffic. Article

Cable News
> As the cable industry takes in the broader impact of strict Title II regulation of the Internet, one significant factor already appears likely: interconnection deals, such as the one Comcast notoriously carved out with Netflix last year, could go away. Article

> Viewership of live TV declined 12.7 percent in January, said Nomura analyst Anthony DiClemente, who has become the latest media investment pundit to attribute such a drop to streaming subscription video on demand (SVOD) services. Article

Wireless News
> Sprint continued to expand its LTE network and improve its subscriber growth trends in the fourth quarter, even though it posted a net loss of postpaid customers in the quarter. Article

> FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's draft order to create net neutrality rules will apply all of the rules to mobile broadband networks for the first time. Article

And finally… @Ciena: An analysis of online buzz shows #SDN is holding a significant lead over #NFV for mindshare. Article