ADARA ports SD-WAN offerings onto a single VNF

ADARA blends its SD-WAN products onto a single VNF for use with AWS. (Pixabay)

ADARA has combined its SD-WAN products, previously known as SD-WAN Proxy and SD-WAN Router on AWS Marketplace, onto a single VNF.

ADARA said the new combined SD-WAN VNF (virtual network function) will offer the same benefits, primarily performance-based WAN virtualization and optimization, within a single virtual machine (VM) instance.

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The VNF makes it easier for users to implement, configure and manage all of the functions and features within a single instance on a VM.

By combining the two SD-WAN products onto a single VNF, ADARA said it has reduced the complexity of deployments on AWS Public Cloud platform, OpenStack Cloud platforms and hypervisors. The on-premise deployment model supports "any and all deployment options," according to ADARA.

The new VNF is already fully automated with AWS Cloud Foundation in AWS and ADARA outside of the public cloud.

The VNF also increases the ability to deploy ADARA SD-WAN, and use AWS Public Cloud tools for orchestration, monitoring, analytics', and management such as AWS AutoScaling for single (and multi) AMIs Scale On Demand, as well with all OpenStack Private Cloud tools.

Creating a single instance speeds up automation for customers by eliminating the need for service chaining between the VNFs. ADARA said the SD-WAN VNF reduces the time to deployment by more than 50% while also cutting down billing and servicing.

The combined software also enables multiple throughput levels with multiple price points, according to ADARA. The ADARA SD-WAN VNF will be available soon on AWS Marketplace.

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