Adobe goes VoIP, service hosted down in CoCoMo

Finally, Adobe Systems has released a public beta of CoCoMo, a hosted service that developers can use to add VoIP, video conferencing and other collaboration features to apps built with Adobe's Flex developer tools.

Adobe is spinning CoCoMo as a way the company is going to straddle the worlds of client and cloud computing, providing both software tools to build apps and easy drop-in services for developers to utilize. Balance between client and cloud is what Adobe is preaching - preferably with monies coming in from both businesses, we think.

CoCoMo services are hosted on Adobe's servers and are aimed at developers who want to add sharing and collaboration features to an application. So you've got your VoIP, your video conferencing, file sharing, chat, data messaging and a multi-user white board.

At Adobe's Max event, the company demonstrated an app built for medical peer review by startup firm Acesis during the private beta. The app allows for video collaboration and side-by-side review of records.

Adobe hasn't committed to either a formal release date or a pricing model, but the company hinted at a "variety" of payment models, including subscription and pay-per-use.

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