Adtran bows new switch module to improve gigabit broadband

Adtran announces a new switch module to work with 100G transport capabilities and its TA5000 chassis. (Adtran)

Adtran announced on Monday the general availability of a new switch module offering that it says can scale up to support more than 20,000 broadband customers per system.

With Adtran's SM200 100G Switch Module, 100G uplinks with integrated Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) transport can be delivered across Adtran's TA5000 chassis. The ability to scale to 100G means that any of the nearly 60,000 TA5000s that are currently deployed can scale simultaneous multi-gigabit business, residential and backhaul services on the same platform.

Totah Communications is deploying the new switch module and the 100G capability as part of its transport network to aggregate traffic from several of Adran's TA5000 chassis that are deployed in its access network. Totah, which serves rural communities in Oklahoma and Kansas, is using 100G technology and Adrian's TA5000 as part of a fiber extension across its footprint.

“With the 100G available, we have the scale needed to expand the range and reach of our fiber-to-the-premise services without the added capital and operational impact of adding a new platform to our network,” said Totah Communications President and General Manager Mark Gaily, in a statement. “Adran's’s ability to deliver one platform with the Total Access 5000 that can scale to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s, is the type of streamlined, operationally efficient system that makes it the ideal solution as we expand our fiber rollouts. There is no need to maintain two network infrastructures."

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Adtran said the Total Access 5000 SM200 Switch Module is software-defined, access ready and available today.