ADVA announces WDM-PON platform

ADVA Optical Networking is announcing at the Broadband World Forum in Brussels this week its entry into the WDM-PON market with a new platform called Unifier that will be available early next year. That time frame puts availability of the system ahead of some planned products by other vendors, and also possibly well ahead of broad carrier deployment.

The new platform includes a Flexible Remote Node (FRN) deployed near the customer, and an active Ethernet element or passive optical element at the customer demarcation point. Light Reading Europe reports that this demarcation device, "would be integrated into a network element as close to the end user as possible: It could be housed in a multi-service access node (MSAN), an Ethernet switch, a VDSL2 multiplexer, or in the case of large business users, into an ONT (optical network termination) unit."

WDM-PON has been picking up steam in recent months, and there are likely to be several more product announcements before the year is done. In jumping out a bit ahead of others in the market, ADVA may look to persuade carriers to make earlier commitments to WDM-PON than many industry observers assumed they would make. The vendor likely will argue that while WDM-PON requires more up-front expense right now, it promises better long-term operational economics than other architectures.

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