Agile licenses Indiana’s wireline, wireless network infrastructure to enhance broadband availability

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Agile Networks, a telecom infrastructure provider, has finalized an agreement to license Indiana’s wireline and wireless network infrastructure to deepen broadband penetration across the state.

Under the terms of the agreement with the state, Agile will oversee hundreds of of what it says are traditional and non-traditional vertical assets, fiber cables and access to a streamlined process to gain right-of-ways.

The Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) board approved the agreement this morning, pending review by the state’s legislative budget committee.

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Set on achieving a goal to enhance broadband availability, the Agile Network is a hybrid wireline and wireless network that will be developed in partnership with asset owners to provide what it calls an integrated “Pipe Power Tower” solution.

This expansion will allow telecommunications and infrastructure providers to take advantage of Agile’s open access model, making it easy for wireless and other providers to enter new urban and rural markets in Indiana.

By taking a network agnostic approach, Agile’s last mile agility allows the company to use whatever is the best network technology to fit the needs of a particular market.

If wireless is deemed to be the best approach, Agile will install panel or dish to the user’s facility and extend an Ethernet cable from the unit to a mutually agreed upon demarcation point. Meanwhile, other installations may be a better fit for fiber-based technology. Regardless of the facility it uses, each circuit Agile delivers is custom engineered to best serve their customers.

Agile said that by making an investment to unify Indiana’s existing infrastructure and assets, it will “establish a statewide network that will transform broadband access throughout Indiana, including rural areas.”

The company said that it will announce the specific details of the expansion at a later date.

Indiana is only one state where Agile has found success in working to expand broadband by leveraging existing infrastructure.

In Ohio, Agile built a hybrid microwave and optical network that can deliver 1 Gbps internet access services to business customers. For that service, Agile is leveraging Ohio's Multi-Agency Radio Communications System backbone, which provides radio services for law enforcement and first responders. Using that backbone, Agile hopes to scale the network quickly and avoid costly tower costs. 

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