Agile Networks delivers 1 Gbps to Ohio businesses via hybrid microwave, optical network

Agile Networks, an emerging competitive provider serving Ohio, has built a hybrid microwave and optical network that can deliver 1 Gbps Internet access services to business customers.

By equipping existing radio towers with microwave equipment, the service provider claims it can deliver signals that can travel 8 miles and penetrate walls.

Kyle Quillen, CTO and one of the company's three co-founders, told Columbus Business First that by using a mix of microwave and fiber Agile can provide services quickly throughout the state.

"Across the state of Ohio we have the ability to deliver a gigabit of (transmission) anywhere," Quillen said.

Agile said that by leveraging Ohio's Multi-Agency Radio Communications System backbone, which provides radio services for law enforcement and first responders, it could scale the network quickly and avoid costly tower costs. Complementing the tower build, the service provider has built a fiber-based transmission network that reaches 270 towers in all 88 of Ohio's counties.

The service provider has built a supporting fiber-based last mile carrier transport network with Coriant optical and routing equipment.

Although Agile completed the buildout of the network late last year, the service provider said that it is only going public with the network now and that it continues to enhance the network to handle additional bandwidth requirements.

Now that the network has been built, the service provider has turned its attention on selling services to government agencies and local businesses, one of its fastest growing segments.

Quillen said that one of the advantages of having a hybrid fiber and microwave network is that it can address the needs of rural customers where it is difficult to make a business case to build out fiber.

"We have customers in very rural areas who were trying to get connected to a data center," Quillen said. "Before it may have cost them half a million dollars to stretch fiber. With us they can get connected quickly and reliably."

Among its many customers are the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, which uses the company's service to deliver wireless Internet service to the Wilds, in rural Muskingum County.

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