Alaskan telco's microwave network reaches across SW portion of state

There aren’t many U.S. telcos that face the range of issues Alaska Power & Telephone Company does … harsh climate, disparate population centers and lots of miles—and water--between those population outposts.

The company’s multi-million-dollar microwave communications network, built on mountaintops in the region, is eclipsing the halfway point and should be wrapped up by year’s end. Spanning two time zones and reaching from Annette Island to Skagway, the service will improve access for residents in the area to voice, data and alternate routing capabilities, and may even mean lower rates.

"The real beauty of this network is the fact that as each segment is built, there is an immediate incremental value gained by each community connected along the way,” said Michael Garrett, executive vice president of AP&T and COO of AP&T's telecom division.

Since 2007, helicopters have poured over 1,100 tons of concrete in mountaintop locations where winter winds can top 100 mph. In total, the project will require 162,000 pounds of lumber and 140,000 pounds of batteries to complete.

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