Alcatel-Lucent brings light to T-Mobile Czech Republic's 100G transmission network

T-Mobile Czech Republic is the latest European service provider to take the 100G optical network plunge to support higher transmission and data speeds on its wireline and wireless networks.  

Leveraging Alcatel-Lucent's (NYSE: ALU) 1626 Light Manager that's equipped with 100G coherent technology through the 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS), T-Mobile's 100G network will be used to provide services connecting data centers and international transit traffic.

In addition to expanding the reach of its 3G wireless HSPA+ technology, T-Mobile Czech Republic has been growing its wireline business by expanding its ICT service suite for business customers and satellite services for consumers.  

Deployed on its fiber optic backbone network between Prague and across 60 of the country's largest cities and towns, T-Mobile's new 100G deployments will serve two main purposes: expanding wireline services to enterprise customers, and serving as the backbone for its growing 3G wireless network.

Frank Meywerk, Technology Director at T-Mobile Czech Republic, said that "100G technologies are crucial for satisfying the needs of our customers and also have the potential to reduce the costs of our network operation."

Coming on the heels of its recent deployment with P&TLuxembourg, the T-Mobile Czech Republic win provides another proof point not only of Alcatel-Lucent's platforms, but also other service providers that are either trialing or are evaluating their own implementation of 100G in their own networks.

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