Alcatel-Lucent enables managed broadband tiers

Alcatel-Lucent announced that its is upgrading its triple play architecture with new service management adapters, line card capacity and software capabilities. The Application Assurance-Integrated Services Adaptor (AA-ISA) and the High-Scale Media Dependent Adaptor (HS-MDA) provide improved subscriber management to allow service providers to create quality of service policies on a per-application and per-subscriber basis, and to support greater queuing scalability.

The new line card, meanwhile, provides a 100 Gb/s slot to increase service router capacity 1,200 Gigabit Ethernet ports per rack. Total router chassis capacity is now 1 Tbps. Further software enhancements support the point-to-point-over-Ethernet protocol. The improved subscriber management offerings will help content companies and even end users have more choice of broadband service tiers, and give carriers more control and flexibility in how those tiers are managed.

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