Amoroso testifies on government security practices

AT&T chief security officer Edward Amoroso and other network security experts took part in a government cybersecurity hearing hosted by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation last week. Amoroso said legislators are more hip to computer security issues, and understand what botnets are, but government agencies are still behind the times in their procurement practices, still focusing more on viruses and worms than botnet prevention and solutions.

Amoroso's three over-arching recommendations in his written testimony, as reported by The Wall Street Journal, include: updating the procurement practices of agencies to include botnet services; promoting more organized international cooperation in responding to worldwide attacks; and having government agencies who run their own cybersecurity operations justify that practice, re-evaluations that likely would result in more government network security business for managed security service providers such as AT&T, Verizon Business and other carriers.

For more:
- The Wall Street Journal has this story
- Here's a link Amoroso's testimony

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