Analyst offers cable TV Q4 outlook

As companies throughout the telecom industry report fourth quarter earnings in the coming days and weeks, observers will look to compare numbers from big telcos with those of the major cable TV firms. The two biggest U.S. telcos report earnings this week, and while the two biggest U.S. cable TV companies--Comcast and Time Warner Cable--do not report until next month (TWC on Feb. 4, Comcast on Feb. 18), Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. is suggesting that the cable guys could be coming through the economic crisis with a fair amount of strength intact.

The Bernstein forecast, discussed by Light Reading's Cable Digital News, offers a positive outlook for broadband and VoIP growth at Comcast, TWC and Cablevision Systems (which apparently has not scheduled its earnings report yet). You could argue that the cable TV companies could be generally less vulnerable to any macroeconomic troubles because they do not have the heavy ball-and-chain of legacy landlines weighing them down, but their advanced video features could be another area in which troubled consumers are likely to cut costs.

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