AOL's new chief cleans out the management house

AOL's newest CEO Tim Armstrong is wasting no time making his mark on the company. Late last week he canned both the company's new COO Kim Partoll and SVP of search and local media John Kannapell. These moves come as the company sets itself to be separated from Time Warner. Although both Partoll and Kannapell had been working for the Internet provider for a number of years, they were only appointed to their current positions by Armstrong just this July.

Armstrong said that he believed there was overlap between the COO and CFO roles so he decided to oust Partoll and replace her with his newly appointed CFO Artie Minson. The company has been stacking its management team with a number of web-centric experts including former Yahoo executive Brad Garlinghouse and Jeff Levick, formerly of Google. Instead of replacing Partoll or Kannapell, Armstrong will reallocate Patroll's mobile responsibilities to Garlinghouse, while Levick will handle Kannapell's duties. Meanwhile, Armstrong will take over Partoll's international duties.

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