Arbor Atlas reaches 100 ISPs

Network security vendor Arbor Networks announced the latest version of its Atlas portfolio of network data collection, analysis and information-sharing offerings for Internet service providers, and also announced that the Atlas program now collects and shares network attack and threat data from 100 ISPs in 17 countries. The program started with 28 ISPs.

The data collected through Atlas 2.0 gets added to Arbor's annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report, though the Darknet sensors that many Atlas participants deploy in the networks also share some network data and information on a purely anonymous basis.

Early on, there may have been more hesitancy among ISPs to share information about network trends and possible attacks, for reasons related to both competition and reputation. However, the ongoing increase in attacks and threats, and the broadening of attacks in both size and imagination, seems to have convinced more ISPs to let their guard down--if only when it comes to sharing info with like-minded companies.

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