Aryaka opens Dublin PoP as EU campaign continues

SD-WAN pioneer and managed services provider Aryaka Networks has activated its latest Services point of presence (PoP) in Dublin, Ireland, as the company continues to expand its cloud-edge-delivered managed networking and security services, including SASE for both on-premises and remote workers, across European Union countries.

Following the availability of the Dublin PoP, Aryaka later this year plans to establish PoPs in Paris and Moscow. The company also already has Services PoPs in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London, and has more than 40 PoPs overall around the world. 

Excluding the London PoP, which is no longer in the EU by virtue of the U.K.’s departure from the political and economic governing body, Aryaka already has PoP access reaching “half a billion EU citizens, the largest single trading bloc in the world,” the company said in a statement.

Aryaka added that the Dublin expansion was in response to enterprise customer demand for more connectivity “across and into the EU.” Being in the Irish capital also will allow Aryaka to stay on top of any changes in regional data transfer regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a cornerstone of data privacy under EU jurisdiction. One of the first users of the PoP is a financial institution that has presence in several EU countries.

The expansion strengthens Aryaka’s ability to compete with the more established incumbent telecom providers in Europe at a time when the U.K.’s departure from the EU has caused economic disruption and led to further concerns about future legislative changes.

It also comes just a month after the company further broadened its footprint in the region by acquiring German SASE platform provider Secucloud. Aryaka is planning to integrate Secucloud’s services into its PoPs.

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Ian McEwan, chief revenue officer at Aryaka, said in a statement, “Aryaka’s new EU facility is a direct result of customer feedback. As we are now serving our largest-ever customers, we strive to offer a level of flexibility our competitors cannot match. This new generation of customers want alternatives to the status quo of large carriers. Aryaka’s new facilities mean they can protect their businesses, regardless of any future political change. This is a smart, forward-looking move for our customers.”