AT&T adds request to shutter analog video service in Alabama and Florida

AT&T (NYSE: T) has filed a petition with the FCC to shut down its BellSouth analog video service in Carbon Hill, Alabama, and Kings Point, Florida, citing low demand and the growing availability of IP-based services. The request comes shortly after another request to shut down private line voice services in the same area.

In February, AT&T grandfathered this service after its 214 Application was approved.

BellSouth's analog video service is a legacy TDM-based video service that provides one-way transmission of National Television Systems Committee (NTSC) video signals between a customer's designated premises or between a customer designated premises and a CO via fiber facilities. It transports one channel of video and up to four audio channels at 30 Hz to 6.6 MHz.

After receiving regulatory approvals, AT&T said it plans to discontinue this service in the AT&T IP-Trial wire centers on or after October 14, 2016.

AT&T said in a FCC filing that the public "convenience and necessity will not be impaired by the discontinuance of this service because there is no customer demand for this service," adding that it has no customers "that currently subscribe to this service in the Trial Wire Centers."

To meet the demand for video transport services, AT&T currently offers Serial Component Video Service (SCVS). SCVS is an IP-based digital video service that provides standards-based 270 Mbps digital video transport for one-way transport of high quality digital video and audio signals. Available throughout AT&T's service area in the Trial Wire Centers, SCVS transmits digital video signals in an uncompressed format with no loss of video quality.

The service provider has been making progress with its TDM-to-IP transition trials in these two markets.

Interestingly, the company reported in October that while more customers are purchasing IP-based services in these two markets, that is happening at a slower pace.

For more:
- see the FCC filing (PDF)

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