AT&T allows customers to bundle services their way

Much like Burger King's mantra about hamburgers, AT&T's new bundled service package is also letting consumers have their telecom bundle their way. Although triple play bundles (home phone service, TV, and Internet) are table stakes amongst both cable operators and telcos, AT&T believes that by letting customers select the services they want to bundle, including wireless as their voice service, they can stand out from the pack.

Eligible U-verse customers can choose from three primary service tiers. The initial $99 a month "Choice" bundle comes with three services, including U-family, U-verse High Speed Internet Pro (3 Mbps downstream) and either U-verse wireline or AT&T Nation 450 wireless voice--a service that cable is only beginning to offer. Consumers can also add on additional video services such as DVR. For consumers that have larger video and data appetites, U-Verse Choice Plus bundle provides extra U-Verse TV channels, higher broadband speeds and either more wireless minutes or unlimited wireline calling for about $127 a month. Finally, Choice Premier offers premium movies, HD, broadband and either landline or wireless voice for under $150 a month.

Non U-verse customers aren't being left out. Those customers can bundle DIRECTV CHOICE XTRATM package, broadband Internet, and a either a wireless or home phone calling plan for $96 to $155 a month.

"At AT&T, we know that customers want flexibility, value, great service plus the option to include wireless voice service as part of their bundles," said Joey Schultz, vice president of consumer marketing, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets in a release.

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