AT&T, CWA talks stall

Negotiations between AT&T Mobility and the Communications Workers of America reportedly stalled late Sunday after resuming earlier in the day following a late Saturday session. AT&T, according to The Associated Press, said CWA officials had walked away from negotiations. The union, however, asked for a 30-day extension during which talks could resume and a deal could be worked out, a request that AT&T "refused," according a statement from the CWA.

Both the company and the union say they are available to resume talks, though it is not clear who will budge first. The CWA statement, dated today, said union members "will continue to report for work." The contract talks affect about 20,000 workers across the country, excluding those in the former Southwestern Bell region, who the AP said approved a new contract last year.

AT&T reportedly offered a 9.4 percent increase over four years as part of a new deal, but the CWA said the issues at play extend beyond wages to job security, working conditions and other issues.

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