AT&T demonstrates new technologies, eyes TDM sunset

AT&T CTO John Donovan and AT&T Labs engineers provided a glimpse of the future in New York City this week, demonstrating several new technologies and applications that involved wireline, wireless, TVs, computers, mobile phones and more. The telco rolled put more than 25 demonstrations of speech recognition technology on various devices using new software; interactive IPTV demos; 3D video displays and even a demonstration of how the company uses Second Life for testing security scenarios. Videconferencing for residential user, telemedicine applications and other solutions also took the stage.

Donovan also said that he is working with his engineering teams to determine when AT&T will eventually stop selling TDM solutions and go all-IP with its products. He said 40 percent of the traffic over AT&T's network backbone within the last year was IP-based.

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