AT&T Government Solutions puts federal network security into the cloud

AT&T Government Solutions (NYSE: T) believes that the best way to help federal government agencies thwart potential cyberattacks is to provide protection in the cloud.

Federal agencies can purchase AT&T's cloud-based Managed Trusted IP Services (MTIPS) through General Services Administration's (GSA) Networx Universal and Enterprise contracts. As the first Networx contract holder to receive Authority to Operate (ATO) to provide MTIPS services under the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) initiative, AT&T claims its cloud security service will not only provide greater network security while reducing the number of agency vulnerabilities because it uses less external Internet connections.

Hosted at diverse and secure facilities, the new MTIPS product offers a breadth of security services, including everything from Intrusion Detection and Protection Services to Managed Firewall Services, Anti-Virus Management and E-Mail Scanning.  

And while the migration from the existing FTS 2001 contract to Networx has been moving a snail's pace due to its relative complexity, AT&T can at least take comfort in the fact that at least two agencies--the Federal Trade Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency--have issued task orders for the new MTIPS service.

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