AT&T hits 300,000 U-verse TV subscriber mark in Houston

AT&T (NYSE: T) has reached the 300,000 U-verse customer mark in the Houston market, heralding another major city where it has expanded the penetration of its IPTV and related Fiber to the Node (FTTN)-based data service.

This latest milestone in Houston follows similar subscriber drives in Kansas City, Mo. market where U-verse now reaches 400,000 living units and Atlanta, with over 1 million living units.

U-verse, in the markets where it's available, continues to be a sound weapon AT&T can use to battle ongoing losses of its traditional POTS subscribers.

In Q4 2011, the service provider reported that it added a total of 208,000 U-verse TV and 587,000 U-Verse Internet customers. As expected, the service provider posted a net loss of 49,000 broadband customers due to users in non U-verse markets adopting faster cable modem connections.

Despite the loss of traditional DSL data subscribers, AT&T continues to make gains with U-verse, passing over 30 million living units. At the end of Q4 2011, AT&T had a total of 5.6 million video subscribers, a figure that consists of both U-verse and bundled satellite customers. 

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