AT&T invests $90 million in Nebraska networks; U.S. Internet taxes fail to produce much revenue

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> AT&T invested over $90 million in Nebraska between 2010 and 2012 in its wireless and wireline networks, with a focus on expanding 4G LTE coverage and enhancing the overall customer experience. Release

> A study from the Open Technology Institute reveals that the cable industry's investment in networks was recouped years ago through high prices, while overall investment in networks has declined. Report

> U.S. Internet sales taxes have not produced the financial returns that group studies initially forecast. Article

Cable News

> Comcast said in a blog post on Tuesday that it is seeing the heaviest usage for its Xfinity TV mobile video application at 10 p.m. every night. Article

> Dish Network reported in its Q4 2012 financial results that it only added 14,000 subscribers during the quarter, 8,000 less than the 22,000 it gained in Q4 2011. Article

Online Video News

> Limelight Networks said it sees new revenue opportunity to help its business customers deliver digital video content on any available connected device. Article

> Nielsen found in a survey of 28,000 online customers that the majority of home viewers conduct their video viewing on two traditional devices: computers (84 percent) and TVs (83 percent). Article

And finally… In the rush to cloud computing, the one question we should be asking is: What are we actually trying to accomplish? Article