AT&T lets U-verse users control account from the couch

AT&T (NYSE: T) thinks that their U-Verse customers shouldn't have to go online or call their local service representative to look at the status of their account, but rather right on the television screen via its U-verse Account Manager.

With U-Verse Account Manager, an on-screen application, users can upgrade their TV service package, compare package prices, view their account summary, view product overviews and ordering information on U-verse High Speed Internet and U-verse Voice.

Users that want to know more about a TV service package or want to check out a show on a channel they don't subscribe to can just upgrade their account on the screen instead of having to call up an AT&T customer service representative. Set to be rolled on a market-by-market basis, users can access the Account Manager feature on channel 9910 for free.

Given the competitive war that telcos like are fighting with cable and satellite to get more eyes onto its screen, simple features like the U-Verse Account Manager are easy ways to help retain customers and potentially upsell other services that might be of interest to the user.  

"Our new Account Manager app is one more way we're mobilizing the customer experience across service channels and giving customers more control over their TV experience," said Jeff Weber, vice president of video services for AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets in a release. "We want to reach out to customers in the ways that they want to interact with us, and Account Manager offers U-verse TV customers a simple self-service option directly from their TV screen."

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