AT&T offers IPv6 transition consulting to businesses

With many Internet gurus predicting that the end of IPv4 addressing will happen as early as next week, AT&T (NYSE: T) is stepping up to the plate to help businesses get ready for the IPv6 transition with a new set of consulting services.

What's driving businesses to make the IPv6 transition a priority now is quite simply new wireless and wireline applications such as Machine to Machine computing and peer-to-peer applications, all of which require IP addresses that surpass the 4.3 billion addresses currently available with the current IPv4 protocol.

A&T did not have to look too far to develop its IPv6 consulting services for business customers. Instead, A&T drew from its experience in helping federal U.S. government agencies meet their IPv6 goals set by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

To help businesses make that transition, AT&T will offer everything from webcasts, access to its IPv6-enabled Proof of Concept Labs and for-fee on-site assessments of their current IT infrastructure and what they need to do to make the transition to IPv6 on their network infrastructure.

AT&T is certainly not alone in providing such services to businesses as fellow RBOC Verizon launched a similar set of IPv6 professional consulting services for businesses in December.

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