AT&T offers remote management services for IT shops

AT&T is offering businesses what it terms a one-stop solution for managing and monitoring their IT resources, regardless of location. AT&T's Remote Infrastructure Management will deliver the full range of AT&T's IT infrastructure services to a company's location - regardless of where it is - along with on-site servicing of equipment if needed.

Service locations can be an in-house company data center, remote office or third-party data center. Specific services AT&T is offering include design, deployment, and maintenance of a customer's servers, storage and network infrastructure devices, remote management of a company's environment along with on-premise "house calls" to install, repair, or upgrade gear, and reporting tools. There's also the ability to combine Remote Infrastructure Management with AT&T Internet data center managed services to do things such as load balancing across a customer-owned data center and an AT&T data center.

AT&T's announcement doesn't go quite as far as Verizon Business' Global CPE service; Verizon has cut deals in 120 countries to facilitate the deployment of gear for multinationals, a major headache given the variety of tax and import laws around the globe. It also follows tending of the "Big Two" (AT&T and Verizon) moving beyond traditional network pipes-and-dial-tone and providing more holistic end-to-end services.

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